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Subscribe to and stream the very best gay entertainment. We offer more gay films and shows than Here TV, Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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  • Child of the 70's

    4 Seasons

  • The Daydreamer's Notebook

    2 Videos

  • The Morning After

    1 Video

  • A Closer Walk With Thee

    2 Videos

  • The Marco Ovando Collection

    1 Season

  • Elijah's Ashes

    2 Videos

  • But She's My Best Friend

    1 Season

  • In a Glass Cage

    2 Videos

  • Alle Werden

    1 Video

  • Furious Desires

    2 Videos

  • Popporn

    1 Season

  • Welcome to New York

    2 Videos

  • Perfect Obedience

    2 Videos

  • Un Chant D'Amour

    2 Videos

  • The Gay And Wondrous Life of Cal...

    1 Season

  • If You Could Only Be You

    2 Videos

  • Center of My World

    2 Videos

  • Baby Bump

    2 Videos

  • Utopies

    1 Video

  • Forbidden Love

    2 Videos

...and much more!


  1. Child of the 70's

    4 Seasons

    2012 - | US
    'Child of the '70's' is the story of gay Italian-American Carlo Perdente who ends up working as a personal assistant to his 1970's TV idol, the neurotic and over-the-top KiKi Lawrence.

    Director - Tom Pardoe, Eric Scot, Gary Lamoin, Michael Vaccaro

    Starring - Michael Vaccaro, Susan Olsen, Bruce Vilanch, Judy Tenuta,

  2. The Daydreamer's Notebook

    2 Videos

    2017 | US
    From director Michael J. Saul, the prolific filmmaker behind 'The Surface', 'True Love' and 'Go Go Reject' comes an anthology of seven short, experimental works. These visually inventive short films reflect the filmmaker’s obsession with daydreaming in the work he’s created over the past 40 years.

    Director - Michael J. Saul

    Starring - David Irwin, Austin Jolly, Lindsay Marquino, Gabriel Paal

  3. The Morning After

    1 Video

    2012 | UK
    The morning after a drunken night out Harry's world is turned upside down when as he awakens to discover a naked man, Thom, in his bed.

    Director - Bruno Collins

    Starring - Joshua Berg, Luke Striffler, Juliet Lundholm, Alice Maguire

  4. A Closer Walk With Thee

    2 Videos

    2017 | US
    Intense and deliciously homoerotic, this award-winning new thriller follows Jordan, a strange young Christian missionary who gets caught watching his handsome and equally young Pastor take a shower. Disturbed by these “sinful” urges, Pastor Eli becomes convinced that Jordan is under the influence of a demonic force. The two men get unusually close as an amateur, bizarrely erotic exorcism soon begins!

    Director - John C. Clark, Brie Wil...

  5. The Marco Ovando Collection

    1 Season

    2007 - 2017 | US
    Born in Guatemala, Marco Ovando discovered his love of photography while studying science and communications. Inspired by the work of Avedon, Ellen von Unwerth and Herb Ritts, he moved to New York in 1999 and quickly became a fixture on the nightlife scene. His work has appeared in such publications as Paper, OUT and The Advocate. This erotic video collection captures Ovando’s love of human expression and the beauty of the male fo...

  6. Elijah's Ashes

    2 Videos

    2017 | US
    A hilarious dark comedy about the deep, loving bond that exists between brothers…even ones who despise one another. 'Elijah’s Ashes' follows Lawrence, a somewhat lost gay man, who embarks on an unexpected family road trip with his gruff, homophobic older brother to scatter their father’s ashes.

    Director - Ryan Barton-Grimley

    Starring - Ari Schneider, Ryan Barton-Grimley, Toni Charline, Christinna Chauncey

  7. But She's My Best Friend

    1 Season

    2016 | US
    'But She's My Best Friend' is a gay comedy series about two gay best friends, Christian and Joey, and their lives in West Hollywood.

    Director - Gabriel Joseph

    Starring - Gabriel Joseph, Joey Hernandez, Sachin Bhatt, Wilson Cruz

  8. In a Glass Cage

    2 Videos

    1986 | Spain
    In the aftermath of WWII, a former Nazi doctor and child molester finds himself confined to an iron lung following a failed suicide attempt. Things get even worse when a mysterious, handsome young man, hired to be his caretaker, is discovered to be hellbent on revenge. An uncompromising psychosexual drama that’s erotic, painful and terrifying in equal measure, 'In a Glass Cage' is a highly controversial classic. (subtitled)


  9. Alle Werden

    1 Video

    2011 | Switzerland
    When Andreas’ close friend Samuel meets Philippe, a highly respected colleague, Andreas finds himself in the awkward and uncomfortable position of watching his best friend fall in love…again. (subtitled)

    Director - Piet Baumgartner

    Starring - Rosario Bona, Oliver Goetschel, Marco Zbinden, Jeanne Devos

  10. Furious Desires

    2 Videos

    2017 | Spain
    An apartment renter lusts after his doorman, a father comes to realize that his son is attracted to other boys, two horny men find themselves literally just beyond one another’s reach, a guy declares his attraction to his best friend and two young lovers go to great length to prove their affection in this stunning and supremely sexy new collection – featuring five award-winning short films that deals with the topic of desire in variou...

  11. Popporn

    1 Season

    2017 | Canada
    'Popporn' is a comedic series where comedians roast gay porn scenes. What's weird, what's strange, what's hilarious, what's gross, what's surprising, what's enticing? Nothing will escape their comedic wrath!

    Director - Charlie David

    Starring - Andrew Cheng, Conchita, Dwayne Wilson, Erin Burley

  12. Welcome to New York

    2 Videos

    2012 | US
    In this award winning short film five young New Yorkers visit the a therapist to work through their crazy first experiences in the Big Apple.

    Director - Steven Tylor O'Connor

    Starring - Keith Levy, Sean Paul Lockhart, Casper Andreas, Victor Cruz

  13. Perfect Obedience

    2 Videos

    2014 | Mexico
    Julian, a 13-year-old seminarian will endure a hard spiritual journey to reach 'Perfect Obedience'. The order’s founding father, captivated by his fragility and innocence, will take him to live together with him in his private home for a year. In that time Julian will wander the most intense and contradictory phase of his life while his mentor guides him to complete psychological and physical surrender. (subtitled)

    Director - Luis...

  14. Un Chant D'Amour

    2 Videos

    1950 | France
    Two prisoners in complete isolation, separated by the thick brick walls, and desperately in need of human contact, devise a most unusual kind of communication. 'Un Chant D'Amour' is a voyeuristic, confrontational and poetic masterpiece. It is the only film made by French novelist Jean Genet. Forbidden in France upon its release, and only available in the United States in censored form through underground distribution, we are proud to...

  15. The Gay And Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo

    1 Season

    2016 | US
    'The Gay And Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo' is an enchanting series about five friends exploring the complexities of relationships - both friendly and romantic.

    Director - Brian Jordan Alvarez, Jason Looney

    Starring - Brian Jordan Alvarez, Stephanie Koenig, Jason Greene, Jonathan Ebeling

  16. If You Could Only Be You

    2 Videos

    2015 | US
    A coming-of-age story that identifies the relationship between a father and son who are both at crossroads with their true identities.

    Director - Jared Kahn

    Starring - Jared Kahn, Robert Seeley, Caroline Redekopp, Phillip Pruitt

  17. Center of My World

    2 Videos

    2016 | Germany
    A heartwarming coming-of-age romance, Center of My World follows Phil, a gay teen looking for excuses to avoid his quirky family. When he sets his sites on Nicholas, the mysterious new kid at school, he finds the perfect new distraction. Smitten, Phil watched Nicholas run track after school… and is thrilled to learn that his affections are reciprocated. (subtitled)

    Director - Jakob M. Erwa

    Starring - Louis Hofmann, Jannik Schü...

  18. Baby Bump

    2 Videos

    2015 | Poland
    An outrageous and hilarious Polish import, 'Baby Bump' is like a Walt Disney film directed by David Lynch. The absolutely gorgeous and equally mind-blowing film wowed audiences at the Venice Biennale, where it received the coveted Queer Lion prize. (subtitled)

    Director - Kuba Czekaj

    Starring - Kacper Olszewski, Agnieszka Podsiadlik, Caryl Swift, Sebastian Lach

  19. Utopies

    1 Video

    2012 | France
    When two boys from different social backgrounds connect via the internet they go on an adventure into the suburbs around Paris. Lost among architectural projects from times when the future was still bright, they nourish their own personal utopia. (subtitled)

    Director - Manfred Rott

    Starring - Pierre Elliott, Lowell Johnson, Romain Poli

  20. Forbidden Love

    2 Videos

    2008 | Japan
    Having given up on school and most of his family, Shou lives in an apartment with his younger brother, Ryou, and rarely leaves. Things start to change once Ritsu arrives. A young designer back in Japan after studying abroad in New York, Ritsu works for Shou’s father… and has been given permission to stay with his two unruly sons. (subtitled)

    Director - Youka Kusano

    Starring - Katoh Ryosuke, Mikami Masashi, Naoki Yukawa, Kouji W...

  21. Stray

    1 Season

    2017 | US
    'Stray' is a brom-com in which Jay, a brash gay dude, and Rich, a nerdy straight guy, navigate sexuality and friendship in New York City. When Rich and Jay, once college buddies, reconnect after years apart, Rich discovers Jay is gay, even though Jay has been out as long as they've known each other. Rich's repeated miscues earns Jay's constant ridicule.

    Director - Dane Benko, Alison Bourdon

    Starring - Sha James Beamon, Cameron Cla...

  22. Making It Big

    1 Season

    2017 | Ireland
    ‘Making It Big’ is a reality series that follows the lives of seven friends, each with a unique connec-tion to the LGBTQ+ community, living abroad in Barcelona. While attempting to establish their ca-reers in a foreign land, their struggles coming of age and coming out in Ireland and Great Britain are revealed.

    Director - Stuart Weafer

  23. Teens Like Phil

    1 Video

    2012 | US
    Inspired by the alarming increase in real-life tragedies involving high school bullying and suicide, 'Teens Like Phil' tells the story of a gay teen, Phil, and his former friend, Adam, who brutally bullies him.

    Director - Dominic Haxton, David Rosler

    Starring - Adam Donovan, Jake Robbins, Virginia Bartholomew, Ken Burmeister

  24. Glamour Dolls

    2 Videos

    2016 | UK
    Aspiring actors Adam and Ben live together and often support each other as male hustlers to make ends meet. When their pimp offers them an opportunity to perform in a cabaret show, they soon learn that the world of underground theater can be just as strange, perverted and dangerous as having sex for money.

    Director - John De Luca

    Starring - John De Luca, Dominik Danielewicz, Ashlie Walker, Laurence Christopher

  25. I'm Fine

    1 Season

    2017 | US
    Cute, 20-something Nate isn’t hurting for dates. Even his best friend Jeff confesses his feelings in a moment of drunken vulnerability. Nate, though, is still hopelessly obsessed with his ex-boyfriend Joey. Poignant and funny, this brand-new Dekkoo-original series follows Nate as he tries to find closure and break himself out of romantic purgatory.

    Director - Brandon Kirby

    Starring - Perry Powell, Lee Doud, Shaughn Buchholz, Ulyss...

  26. Stay

    2 Videos

    2013 | US
    When Ash invites his ex-boyfriend on a road trip to the Florida Keys, he doesn't mention that their weekend getaway is actually a dangerous drug deal.

    Director - Brandon Zuck

    Starring - Brandon Tyler Harris, Julian Brand, Zach Vinci

  27. Sorry You're Sad

    1 Season

    2016 | US
    When an old flame passes through town, Julian is confronted by the lingering memory of lost love. In an attempt to decipher nostalgia from his present feelings, Julian opens closed doors to explore new possibilities.

    Director - Jamison Karon

    Starring - Jamison Karon, Zach Gillette, Bri Giger, Almarie Guerra

  28. The Game of Juan's Life

    2 Videos

    2009 | Philippines
    After finding his way to Manila and working numerous odd jobs, Juan Reyes now works as a live-sex performer at an underground gay bar. When an arrest forces Juan to rethink his life he must say good-bye to everything he knows. (subtitled)

    Director - Joselito Altarejos

    Starring - Kei Ramos, Jhon Cris Magcamit, Angeli Bayani, Ray An Dulay

  29. Paragon School For Girls

    1 Season

    2013 | US
    Absurdist creator/director Jim Hansen (The Pride & Pretence of Eirik) delivers a cartoony yet unsettling coming-of-age saga featuring schoolgirls who are, like their green-screened surroundings, not what they appear to be.

    Director - Jim Hansen

    Starring - Todd Buonopane, Ben Campbell, Seth Canterbury, Tom DeTrinis

  30. Tonight It's You

    1 Video

    2016 | US
    CJ ventures out for a late night hook up when things take a dark turn, leading him into something much more sinister than he could ever imagine.

    Director - Dominic Haxton

    Starring - Jake Robbins, Roy Allen III, George Alvarez, Ian Lerch

  31. Hustling

    3 Seasons

    2011 - 2014 | US
    Since working as an adult film star and escort since his early twenties, Ryan Crosby, aka Rod Driver, has had a pretty easy life. But what happens when you hit forty and the clients aren't calling as much as they used to and doing porn has, well...lost its appeal?

    Director - Sebastian LaCause

    Starring - Sebastian La Cause, Jessica Press, Andrew Glaszek, Gerald McCullouch

  32. Floating

    1 Video

    1997 | US
    Norman Reedus ('The Walking Dead') stars as Van, a troubled teen in a small lakeside community who forms a friendship with Doug (Chad Lowe), the new kid in town. As Doug’s sexuality soon becomes apparent, Van struggles to accept his new pal’s differences, all while dealing with an embittered father figure and a penchant toward petty crime.

    Director - William Roth

    Starring - Norman Reedus, Chad Lowe, Will Lyman, Sybil Darrow

  33. Successful People

    1 Season

    2016 | US
    Chet & Laura, a songwriting duo in their tenth year of trying to make it, start to realize their chances of success may have already passed them by. Is there a set path to success? Do our own lives keep us from what we want? Are all successful people just assholes?? With the clock ticking, Laura and Chet are willing to try anything to become the one thing they've never been: Successful People.

    Director - Janina Maria

    Starring - Ar...

  34. Romeu & Romeu

    1 Season

    2016 | Brazil
    The Monteiro and Campelo families live in the shadow of a crime committed in the past. But when chance puts Ramon and Rômulo face to face, hatred turns into an unlikely love that can hurt parents, siblings, friends, and even themselves. (subtitled)

    Director - Jonathan Mendonça

    Starring - João Mesquita, Arthur Chermont, João Tessari, Lilian Menezes

  35. Undetectable The Series

    1 Season

    2016 | US
    A recent HIV diagnosis forces Matthew to redefine his life as he navigates what it means to be a positive gay man.

    Director - Sam T. Wilson

    Starring - Todd Flaherty, Sam T. Wilson, Joey Taranto, Aimée Cucchiaro

  36. 4 Days

    2 Videos

    2016 | Philippines
    Taking place over the course of four years (on four consecutive Valentine's Days) this achingly romantic indie from Filipino auteur Adolfo Alix Jr. takes an intimate look at the complicated relationship between two college buddies. (subtitled)

    Director - Adolfo Alix Jr.

    Starring - Sebastian Castro, Mikoy Morales

  37. Hug-O-Gram

    1 Season

    2015 | Canada
    Benjamin Aubergine has the worst job in the world - delivering “Hug-O-Grams,” to lonely people. When he took the job, it seemed like a great way to spread happiness, if only for a few moments. Benjamin is finding, however, that his days are filled with awkward moments and desperate, delusional people. His biggest problem, though, is that he’s great at the job, beloved by most of his clients and has a business-savvy boss who isn’t goi...

  38. Dates

    1 Season

    2014 | US
    Philadelphia comedy meets the gay agenda in Dates, a series of vignettes directed by stand-up comic Alejandro Morales.

    Director - Alejandro Morales

    Starring - Kevin Ryan, Mike Alloy, Doogie Horner, Tim Butterfly

  39. Love Is Blind

    1 Season

    2016 | US
    Is there really such a thing as love at first date? 'Love Is Blind', a Dekkoo-original series, is going to find out! Each episode introduces two sexy gay singles, both looking for love, then sends them on a zany, unpredictable, and totally blind first date. Best of all, we take you along for the ride. You'll get a voyeuristic peak into their day-long courtship and watch as these men turn each other on—and sometimes turn on each other.

  40. He's With Me

    2 Seasons

    2013 - 2016 | US
    Ted is straight. Martin isn't. When they meet at Eddie's wedding and become friends, the ensuing confusion shows how little they all know about being modern day men and how much they know about being there for each other.

    Director - Sebastian La Cause

    Starring - Jason Cicci, Bradford How, Darcie Siciliano, John Thomas Cramer

  41. History

    1 Season

    2016 | US
    'History' follows Jamie (Jack Tracy), a thirty-something gay New York lawyer, in the days after a messy breakup with his partner of five years, Jared (Andrew Lipson). Through flashbacks, the audience watches Jamie’s evolution—or lack thereof—on issues of intimacy, sex, gender role conformity and friendships as he rebuilds his life on his own terms.

    Director - Jack Tracy

    Starring - Jack Tracy, William Cohen, Carissa Fales, Rob Mait...

  42. Besties

    1 Season

    2014 | US
    Two co-dependent friends - one gay, one straight - re-invent double-dating by creating a shared online dating profile.

    Director - Lauren Belfer, Danny Cameron

    Starring - Eric Brown, Kevin DeBacker

  43. Dropping The Soap

    1 Season

    2015 | US
    'Dropping the Soap' goes behind the scenes of long running (terrible) soap-opera “Collided Lives” and the desperate antics of its cast and crew. When the network brings in a ruthless new Executive Producer (Jane Lynch, who won a Creative Arts Emmy for her performance) to “re-brand” the show, the cast must fight for their survival by any means necessary. Bend over, Daytime.

    Director - Ellie Kanner

    Starring - Paul Witten, Kate Mines...

  44. Follow Me

    2 Videos

    2015 | Belgium
    'Follow Me' tells the story of Jasper. He is a young man who has to weigh the overwhelming desire for his first love against the possible angst of rejection.

    Director - Anthony Schatteman

    Starring - Ezra Fieremans, Maarten Ketels, Lien Maes

  45. Three's A Crowd

    1 Season

    2016 | US
    When Evan and Patrick go on their first dinner date, their connection is immediate. But after hitting the sheets, their romantic bubble threatens to burst when Patrick reveals that he's still living--platonically--with his ex-boyfriend (and best friend) of nine years, Brian. Is this romance doomed before it gets off the ground? Is three always a crowd?

    Director - Nigel Campbell

    Starring - Kyle David Pierce, Patrick Cohen, Nigel Cam...

  46. Waiting in the Wings - Making the Mus...

    1 Season

    2015 | US
    This ten-part reality series introduces the audience to the people behind 'Waiting in the Wings: The Musical'. A mix-up occurs between a theater geek and a hot stripper. Hilarity ensues when they realize to “make it,” they’re going to have to learn some new tricks. Starring Adam Huss, Jeffrey A Johns and Blake Peyrot. Academy Award Winner Shirley Jones, Emmy Award Winner Sally Struthers, Christopher Atkins and Lee Meriwether round out th...

  47. Pride & Pretence of Eirik, The

    1 Season

    2011 | US
    Actor, writer and vlogger Jeffrey Self stars in this hilarious web series about Eirik, a self-absorbed gay man finding his way.

    Director - Jim Hansen

    Starring - Jeffery Self, Michael Carbonaro, Ben Campbell, Jim Hansen

  48. Gossip Boy

    2 Seasons

    2011 - 2013 | US
    After coming out, 18-year old Jairus leaves behind the memory of his dead parents for the sunny hills of Hollywood. His plan? To start a new life with Nathan. A boy he met online. Meanwhile, 39-year old Mat deals with a recent break-up by befriending a young hustler.

    Director - Paul A. Storiale, Bree Pavey, Robert Mitchell

    Starring - Daniel Landroche, Angela Henderson, Matthew Arnett, Christopher Sams

  49. ...and much more!