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Waiting in the Wings - Making the Musical

10 Episodes

2015 | US
This ten-part reality series introduces the audience to the people behind 'Waiting in the Wings: The Musical'. A mix-up occurs between a theater geek and a hot stripper. Hilarity ensues when they realize to “make it,” they’re going to have to learn some new tricks. Starring Adam Huss, Jeffrey A Johns and Blake Peyrot. Academy Award Winner Shirley Jones, Emmy Award Winner Sally Struthers, Christopher Atkins and Lee Meriwether round out this heartwarming homage to Broadway with some delightful cameos.

Director - Mitchell Yee

Starring - Arie Gonzalez, Adam Huss, Jeffrey A. Johns, Lee Meriwether

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  • Making the Musical - E1 - "Meet the Makers"

    Episode 1 2m 35s

    Meet the people behind 'Waiting in the Wings: The Musical' who put their hearts and jazz hands into bringing this story from stage to screen.

  • Making the Musical - E2 - "Auditions"

    Episode 2 9m 36s

    In this second episode we see the actors put through their paces as they sing and dance to audition for 'Waiting in the Wings: The Musical.'

  • Making the Musical - E3 - "Rehearsals"

    Episode 3 3m 26s

    Putting it Together. It takes a lot of sweat to pull together a movie musical of this magnitude. See how they did it.

  • Making the Musical - E4 - "Tell us about your Character"

    Episode 4 6m 34s

    The actors from Waiting in the Wings: The Musical share about the diverse roles they play in the film.

  • Making the Musical - E5 - "ProductionTime"

    Episode 5 11m

    The cast and crew dive into the complex challenge of bringing a musical to life on film. With cameras ready to roll, it's finally time to put the stress of rehearsal behind them. On with the show!

  • Making the Musical - E6 - "Favorite Scene"

    Episode 6 7m 5s

  • Making the Musical - E7 - "Film Release"

    Episode 7 2m 50s

    The cast and crew of 'Waiting in the Wings: The Musical' hit the film festival circuit and collect arms full of awards along the way.

  • Making the Musical - E8 - "Sequel"

    Episode 8 2m 54s

    We can hardly contain our excitement... a sequel is in production! Many of your favorite cast from the original plus some brand new talent.

  • Making the Musical - E9 - "Favorite Musical"

    Episode 9 1m 39s

    The cast of 'Waiting in the Wings" disclose their favorite musicals of all time.

  • Making the Musical - E10 - "Final Thoughts"

    Episode 10 2m 14s

    The cast and crew of 'Waiting in the Wings: The Musical' share some final thoughts and memories of making the film.